Cookie Policy

Cookies are small files that store personal data of users who consult online sales sites. Cookies are used to improve the service provided to you, such as:
- enable you to use some services such as payment, which would not be possible without cookies
- enable a service to recognise your device so that you do not have to constantly provide the same data
- recognise that you have already provided a username and password when logged into the customer area so that you do not have to do so every time you consult a page
- count how many people are using a service, thus enabling us to ensure that use is fast
- analyse data that enables us to know how you use the services so that we can improve them. Cookies are used to improve our service. Some of the cookies are essential to ensure the functionality provided, while others are intended to improve performance and user experience.
Essential cookies are intended to:
- remember what you add to your cart
- remember your order progress
Functional cookies are intended to:
- remember your account details
- ensure your connection is secure
- ensure the website is displayed consistently
- provide chat support
Performance cookies are intended to:
- improve the performance of the website by reducing the number of loads of pages you visit
- improve the user experience
Targeting cookies are intended to:
- allow you to share and like on social networks
- send information to other websites to personalise the advertising shown. If you do not allow the website to use cookies, some pages and features will not work as expected. As an example, you will not be able to use the shopping list. If you wish to delete cookies that are already on your computer, please refer to the "Help" section of your internet browser.
You can also find out more about cookies and how to manage them at (English) or consult the "Help" section of your internet browser.