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Boots have been around for many years and have undergone many evolutions over time. The first types of boots that emerged were basically leggings, on the upper part of the boots, with respective soles, but both pieces were separate. These two pieces were used together to provide more protection to the ankle, as shoes or sandals did not provide this protection to the foot. Later, with the permanent union of these two pieces, a single piece was formed, which would be the Boots, which covered the entire foot and the lower part of the legs up to the knee.

Over time, boots have had different influences, including military ones, with thick soles, which were created to protect soldiers on horseback, giving rise to the various styles of boots that exist today.

We will give a brief description of the various types of boots and their function, and their respective influence on the models of boots that currently exist, we will only mention those that we consider most relevant.

Hip Boots are boots with a higher shaft, usually up to the thigh. They are made of rubber, but can also be made of PVC and other materials. These boots fully cover the leg and go up to the thigh or waist. They were designed to be used by fishermen, to protect them from the water and to allow them to walk in deeper waters. They are commonly used by ecologists, environmental scientists and aquatic biologists, who need to test the quality of water and be in contact with it.

High Knee Boots are boots with an upper that goes up to the knee, and can also go above the knee. This type of boots has been used in the fashion world since the 1950s and remains so today.

Thigh High Boots are boots with a shaft that can go up to mid-thigh, made of leather or other synthetic materials such as vinyl, latex or fabrics. This type of boots was considered erotic or perverted.

Wedge boots are characterized by having a wedge heel, meaning they usually have a thicker sole at the back. These boots became popular during the 70s and 90s, with their colorful models.

Regarding the style of boots, there are currently several different styles depending on their function.

Chelsea Boots are short boots that reach the ankle, they have an elastic band on the side of the boot allowing easy entry and exit of the foot from the boot. They also have a fabric strip on the back of the boots, allowing the boot to be pulled on. Chelsea Boots were considered iconic in 1960s Britain. 

Chukka Boots, these boots usually have a short shaft and can be made of suede or leather and the sole can be made of rubber or leather. They are characterized by having eyelets and laces to tie. This style of boot became popular from the 40s and 60s, complemented with casual clothes, much appreciated by men, which can be combined with more formal suits, or more casual pieces with jeans.

As Cowboy boots, these boots are inspired by the boots worn by cowboys, characterized by a rounded toe cap. Cowboy boots are produced using the Goodyear Welted manufacturing system, a manual manufacturing system that guarantees superior quality, exceptional strength and comfort. Cowboy boots are known for their exclusive designs, embroidery and colors, providing great comfort, resistance and durability to the foot. All leather used in manufacturing is processed within strict manufacturing standards, with qualified equipment and technicians. All these resources combined give rise to an internationally recognized product of excellent quality. They are a very versatile type of boot, which can be combined with countless styles and clothes, and can be worn at any time. There are several alternatives for using this type of footwear, which will depend on the model chosen and your style. Our advice is to wear this type of boot with simpler clothes and accessories. Cowboy boots can be worn with pants, shorts, skirts and dresses. They are comfortable and very elegant, being the preferred model whether for winter or summer. If you want to give an original and interesting touch to your look, cowboy boots are a great option. There are several models of Cowboy boots today, you can find the one that best suits the look you want. At Cowboy Boots Europe you will find different models of cowboy boots for men and women.

Fashion Boots are boots that are always in fashion, and come in different heights with ankle, knee, mid-calf or thigh ankle boots. They are boots that have no specific function or utility, they are used only for style or fashion. There is a wide variety of styles, they can be used with casual, formal or business clothes. These boots became very popular in the 1970s, being considered a must-have item in that decade. The upper can reach up to the knee and adjust to the curve of the leg, with metal details and a zipper on the back of the boot. They went well with knee-length skirts and dresses, and were also used to cover jeans. This type of boots is the result of a series of combinations of boot styles.

Go-Go Boots are a type of boots with low heels and a pipe on the leg, very minimalist, widely used in the 60s. These boots gave rise to the famous song "These Boots are Made for Walking" and were popularized because they were considered a symbol of feminine power. The dancers on television shows at the time also popularized this type of boots.

Harness Boots or Engineer Boots, this type of American boots were developed in the 30s for use by firefighters in their work. Leather work boots were produced to provide great resistance and durability when performing their function. These boots gained great popularity in motorcycling in those years and as motorcycling grew. They were very popular among motorcyclists, they became very popular symbols of rebellion among teenagers in the 70s. The popularity of these boots also increased, due to their use by celebrities such as James Dean and Marlon Brando in their films, becoming a influence on teenagers at the time. They were boots characterized by having a leather strap that covered the front of the instep and a strap also in the heel area, secured with a harness on each side of the boot, they had a square toe cap.

The Engineer Boots have a single leather strap on the instep with a side buckle and the toe cap is round. These two styles are very common among motorcyclists, the choice of each type depends on each person's personal taste.

As Biker or Motorcyclist Boots, these boots exist for each type of motorcycle and for each type of use, they are associated with motorcyclists and can be at the ankle or below the knee. Their heels are low, they are usually made of thick, heavy leather and they can be padded for protection and can be reinforced to protect the shin, ankle, instep, heel and toes. These boots may also have harnesses, protecting the rider from the heat of the exhaust. For lovers of two wheels, safety and comfort are essential, this type of boots were designed for motorcyclists, they must be chosen with the ideal size, and they must not be loose on the foot. They are water resistant.

Biker Boots, these boots from 2010 onwards began to be used worldwide by women and men, being a very popular style among motorcyclists. They are normally produced in thick and rigid leather, which is normally oiled to make it more durable and flexible, and can be brown or black in color. These boots may have a strap with a steel buckle on the instep of both boots, at the top of the boot. They are a type of boots more focused on the city and can be part of anyone's everyday look. For lovers of biker boots and the biker style, you can wear this type of boot off the asphalt, maintaining the biker style. This type of Biker boots does not go unnoticed because they are eye-catching, beautiful and stylish boots to be worn by men and women.